12. Aug, 2023

Constitutional papers

My papers in English on constitutional matters, which grew out of my work on the Constitutional Council in Iceland from April to June 2011.

Constitutional moments: Chile and Iceland, Social Europe, 22 October 2022.

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Introduction to The New Icelandic Constitution: How Did It Come About? Where Is It?, Iðunn, Reykjavík 2018.

Introduction, with David Carrillo and Jón Ólafsson, The Icelandic Federalist PapersBerkeley Public Policy Press, Berkeley, California, 2018.

Digital Tools and the Derailment of Iceland´s New Constitution, with Anne Meuwese, in Corien Prins, Peter Lindseth, Monica Guisse and Colette Cuijpers (eds.), Digital Democracy in a Globalized World, Edward Elgar, 2017.

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